Snare Drums

Snare drums are a type of drum that makes a distinct cracking sound when hit with a drumstick. They are also the type of drum on which the drum roll was perfected. Snare drums owe their sound to snares, which are plastic, gut, or metal cords or wires that extend across the bottom of the drum.

The top of the drum, called the head, is made of tightly stretched leather, or sometimes synthetic materials. Snare drums can be and often are tightened to alter the sound slightly. The frame of most of today’s drums is made of metal. In the past this frame would have been made of wood.

Mastering the snare drum a crucial portion of becoming a skilled drummer in most any kind of band, be it rock and roll, country, or blues. A drum set generally features a minimum of one snare drum. Snare drums are also prominent parts of marching bands, and now more than ever are given featured solos in extended numbers.