Drum Kits

Drum kits are essentially the collection of drums and percussion instrument a musician uses during a performance. This can range from the standard 5 piece drum set, and go on to include additions to the drum set such as cow bells or additional cymbals. Further, percussion instruments such as a tambourine or maracas can be a part of some drum kits.

Often “drum kits” and “drum sets” are terms used interchangeably. The biggest difference between the two seems to be that drum sets are typically all connected, whereas drum kits can also include disconnected percussion instruments such as tambourines.

Advanced drummers design their drum kits to create a distinctive sound. Some drummers who want a heavy sound will want a double-bass and crash cymbal, whereas other drummers will require nothing more than a 3 piece drum set including a snare, bass and tom drum. Additional equipment such as bongo drums can also be attached.