5 Piece Drum Set

The 5 piece drum set is standard for many rock and roll bands, and is often the first drum set that people purchase as they begin to learn the drums. Smaller drum sets are also available, but often these will come without any cymbals.
Generally a 5-piece drum set comes with a bass drum, toms, a snare, and some kind of cymbal (often a crash cymbal). The set will also come with a “throne,” the word used to describe the small stool the drummer sits on when playing. Typically a few sets of drum sticks are thrown in for good measure.

A standard set like this can be very useful for a beginning player who is just becoming familiar with the different instruments. Advanced drummers, however, like to pick out their drum set piece by piece. That way they can create the exact sound they are looking for, and choose the drums that bring out the best in their playing style.

5 piece drum sets are available at most any major musical instrument store. You can also browse online to see various combinations and prices. Even if you don’t want to buy a drum set online because you want to test it first, which makes sense, going online can be a good idea because you can read reviews and get a sense of what is available to you without being pressured into buying anything.